Monday, June 4, 2012

Brantley's Baby Shower♥

Theme: Safari/Monkey


Fork and Spoon Holder
Materials Needed:
*2 Old food cans
*Paper pattern Monkey/Safari related
* Ribbon

Upside Down Balloons
Materials Needed:
*Brown/Green/Blue Balloons
*White String
*Needle, to poke holes through the ties.

Arrival Hanging Monkey for Baby Shower 
Materials Needed:
*Chalk Board
*Paper or Stuffed Monkey
*Onesie for monkey to wear
Safari Binoculars
Materials Needed:
*Toilet Paper Rolls
*Tan Yarn String
*Black Spray Paint
*Hole Puncher
Favor Mason JarsMaterials Needed:
*Mason Jars
*Green/White Candy
*Paper or fabric cloth (cut into squares)
*Frog or monkey sticker or tag that says "Thank You"

Guest Thumb Print Tree
Materials Needed:
*Canvas/Huge Paper
*Drawing of a tree -by Steph Mason.
*Green and Brown Finger Paint
Materials Needed:
*Runts Banana Candy

Materials Needed:
*As many as balloons as we can get
*Blue, Green and Brown Balloons
*Monkey Tags to put on them.


Watermelon on a stick
Materials Needed:
*Popsicle Sticks

Rice Krispy Treats with Green Candy Coating
Materials Needed:
*Rice Krispy's
*White Chocolate Melted then Mixed with Green Food Coloring
Vegie Cup Snack
Materials Needed:
*Celery and Carrot's cut
*Ranch Dressing
*Plastic Cups

Babie's in a Blanket

Marshmallow Pops
Materials Needed:
*Jumbo Marshmallows
*Chocolate Melts

Cupcake Stand/Centerpiece
Materials Needed:
*Cupcake Stand

Vegie Platter
*You can get these at PicPac.

Tortilla with Salsa Dip instead of these chips and dip


Pin the Tail on the Monkey Game Tails

Pin the tail on the monkey game.


Banner's for Water Bottles


  1. Dear Whitney Goodin,
    Please remove my two pin the tail on the monkey designs you have on this blog post. The files are copyrighted and not for free download.
    thank you

  2. Hey, Brantley's Baby Shower looks so cute. I had a nice time watching these photos. You know my sister loves Thai food and for her baby shower I hosted a chic traditional Thai inspired party at one of the garden event venues Chicago. It was a big hit among all our guests.